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Property for rent


300 € per day, long term minimum 3 days rent

450 € per day 1-3 days rent

  25 € per pers/day B&B


Nawino ( Naffin ) Manor is located in Bialogard area, wich is situated in the center of Pomerania region, approximately 120km east of Szczecin, close to express road nr 6 connecting Germany with Gdansk. The beauty and history of this region is embodied in Nawino Manor, a neo-baroc residence, whose origin is traced back to the XVIII century. For more than 200 years Nawino belonged to the German nobel families, wich held ranks in the Pomeranian nobility. The house was rebuilt in 2009; the objective was to create a luxurious family residence of 1000m2. Nawino is a protcted heritage site. The property includes a stable, a barn, 16 hectars of grassy paddocks. This provides a perfect escape in the country of abundant forests.

Our Property


XIXc property is clean and comfortable. There are five dbl rooms with nice big bathrooms and one suite with two rooms and big bathroom. The rooms are comfortable for families of four.

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